Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


WashoDry is really easy web and mobile application .Using mobile, desktop or any tablet you can place an order to get your dirty laundry washed. With reliable and fast laundry and dry cleaning services we are at your doorsteps. We work with highly experienced and skilled people from the laundry and dry cleaning industry.
Just create an account via web at . You can even connect with Facebook or Gmail account.Enter your address, phone number, email, and credit card information, and then hit a button for your clothes to get laundered.
Washodry is available in Jerseycity, Hoboken, and Downtown Jersey city, Union City, Weehawken and Jersey Heights. You can check by entering your zip code if we are in your area.
It is so easy, go to place an order, select the service you like to use and select a time line for pick up and drop off. We also coming up with expedite service where you can schedule a pick up and drop off within short span of time.
Yes you can change your order. When washodry pick up has arrived he can be informed about the change or you can do it by editing your order.
Yes you can have weekly pick up schedule.
We do our best to manage the time line you selected, but sometimes there are unexpected delays beyond our control (traffic, weather, car trouble). We know everyone has work to do , so if we’re running behind schedule and you just can’t wait, we can reschedule your order.
You can inform us if there is a change in pick up or drop off time. We understand sometimes we have some emergencies. If you inform us in advance that you won't be there and it's insecure to drop your order by your door, please adjust your delivery time online or on app or contact our customer support team to avoid any unnecessary charges .But, If a bunny arrives to your door and in the event we are unable to reach you and your order must be delivered personally, we will charge a (---)"no show" fee. We need to schedule new drop off time.
Our I.T team is really working hard to fix technical issues either for the web app or mobile. By frequently performing tests to fix the unwanted bugs. If any technical problems occur, our technical support can be contacted via toll free or email us at.
Our 24/7 support center can be contacted by toll free number or email us at Feel free to contact us for any suggestions, feedback, questions or complaints.