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Do what you love, time is precious and laundry is a chore. So why not let WashODry - an on-demand dry cleaning & laundry service – do it for you?

The laundry is picked up and delivered right at your doorstep on time.

when you sign up for WashODry you can tell us exactly how you would like your laundry done. Tell us if you want your clothes folded, rolled, or hung. The point is we’ll put great care into doing your family’s laundry as you would do. So sit back! Relax! Enjoy your time with family, enjoy movies, complete your assignments or presentation for work and let us take care of your laundry!

We pick up, we wash and deliver in 24-36 hours.

Same day expedite service for orders place between 8am to 10am.(conditions apply)

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In simple 4 steps WashODry will finish and clean your laundry.


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